Frequently Asked Questions


  1. First, make sure to Register or create an Employer Account leaving no questions unattended.
  2. Make sure to create an account with the necessary information such as company address, company contact info., company logo and short company information.
  3. Click "Create a Job Post" and fill in all the necessary information and the post.

Job posting should include necessary and sufficient information such as job description, job type, level require, years of experience, salary range, and skills needed.

Yes, you can delete and manage your job postings once you’re logged in.

Jobs posts are active only for 30 days. However, you will be notified a few days before it expires to give you a chance to extend your post’s validity using credits.

Upon completing an employer account and posting a job, our matching system will automatically display 4 applicants which complement the specifications you indicated in your job post. However, if there is no match for a specific job post, we will notify your account as soon as we find an applicant who is qualified within the 30 days activation of your post.

Our Job matching system will provide you qualified applicants thus to make sure necessary skills should be properly indicated upon posting jobs.

Our modes of payment in buying credits are through Cheque pickup, Bank transfer, and PayPal. Credits can be used in unlocking applicant profiles and job posts upgrade.

Click the forget password below the sign in page and wait for an email that will retrieve your password.

A link will be sent to the email address that is registered to the account.

Jobs posts are only valid for 30 days, however, you have an option to extend by using your account credits. has set guidelines for postings, thus has the right to review and delete postings. Postings that indirectly/directly advertise services, loan offers, housing, etc.

Yes, we can feature your just post by just clicking on the URGENT button which will cost you 500 credits.

Cheque Pickup

  1. Head to the options on the right side of your company name
  2. Click "+ Add Credits" button
  3. Choose Cheque Pickup as your payment option

    • Amount - the amount indicated in your cheque
    • Name to look for - name of the person we will be contacting and looking for when we get to reach your indicated Address
    • Pickup Address - the exact location where we could pick up the cheque
    • Phone Number - contact number of the person who will be handing the cheque

Note: Please make sure your cheque is valid to prevent the delay of your transactions.

Bank Deposit

  1. Click options on the right side of you company name
  2. Click "+ Add Credits" button
  3. Choose Bank Deposit as your payment option

    • Amount - the amount you deposited in your account
    • Deposit Transaction ID - the transaction ID from your deposit of the amount above

Note: Please make sure to deposit first to your bank before inputting the details (Amount, Deposit Transaction ID) in our system.

Bank Deposit

  1. Click options on the right side of you company name
  2. Click "+ Add Credits" button
  3. Choose Credit Card or PayPal as your payment option

Note: Aside from the amount, you need to manually input all the information asked. However, all the necessary information is directly displayed in the surface of your credit card.

Just read and follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll be set in no time.

For your convenience, all your transactions will be displayed accordingly in your My Credits section.


Sign up or register a free account and you can start by searching for the job you wish to apply. Check to see the details and click the button "Apply for this job".

After applying for a job, your application will be sent directly to the company’s profile. Nevertheless, the company has the discretion to review all the information you used upon applying for the job.

  1. don’t hold the hiring process nor has a control of it. The company will review the number of applicants linked to their job posts and will notify the applicants that passed their requirements.
  2. We suggest you create an impressive profile with updated skills, years of experience, and all necessary requirements.

Every account information on our system is kept confidential and exclusive between us and the company you sent your application to. Account profile and sending applications will be directly streamed to the company’s account.

Click the forget password below the sign in page and wait for an email that will retrieve your password.